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May Newsletter
Hello Again !! The snow is gone
April Newsletter
Hello.....the winner of our March

to the two most wonderful "sister stores" in the hallmark gold crown chain.

Shawnessy is a beautiful flashback to retail at it's best... the art of display, and the enticement of quality at modern prices. Our customers tell us our ladies are passionate about service, extremely informed about all our product lines and they love the amazing eclectic mix of the wide variety we offer, in everything. If you like being spoiled and enjoy perfect service, treat yourself to a Shawnessy store shopping trip, for any reason and any season .

Shawnessys's sister store in Okotoks is large bright and fun, offering all the latest trends in a lively and happy space. We are told we have all your heart could want, and your pocket book can afford. Shoppers love the one of everything maze of new and exciting displays, with urban and western holding hands. Laughter and caring are our stock and trade, a marvellous way to shop 15 minutes from the city.

There is only one way to have a more pleasant time than to visit one... and that's to visit both!!!

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